The company was founded in Brescia in ‘ 46 as “Bellegrandi Fausto”, then transformed, in ‘ 50 in “F. Lli Bellegrandi”, with the production of mechanical parts for third parties.

The company

The company is part, as apprentices, given the young age, also the gentlemen and Rajendra, who will become in 1965 the owners of the company under the name “Bellegrandi F. Lli SNC di and Bellegrandi F.lli snc di Cottini and Rovizzi.“.

The young age of the owners, the technological knowledge in the field, accumulated in years of work, the spirit of enterprise, soon lead the company to widen increasingly the production and its sales market, expanding not only on the market Italian, but also conquering the foreign market.
Over the years, the main market of the company is realized in the production of Collet chucks (controlled servo, pneumatic, hydraulic) for lathes and CNC machine tools, in the production of pliers for monospindle machines (eg. Traub, Index, Schaublin etc…) and lathes (eg. shutte, Gildemeister, Wickman, Index, tornos, etc…), hydraulic cylinders and tires, special equipment on the customer’s specifications.

This flourishing activity, based on the availability of more and more technologically advanced knowledge and means of production, render inadequate the original site, so that in 85 the company moves to the area p.i.p. Area of Molinetto di Mazzano to meet the new requirements for business expansion.

Today the company gives work to twenty people, who are joined by the work of external craftsmen who collaborate in the production process. The future developments of the company are based on the constant technological updating, the certainty of the validity of the product, the love for one’s work, the seriousness and also a good dose of spirit of enterprise, representing the engines thrusters And the emblem of the company itself.

Mission and Quality

“Innovation and Tradition”: the basis on which our projects are born. The passing of decades has seen theevolution of construction technology, from drafting to 3d CAD, from manual machines to CNC machines: But our greatest resource always remain the people. Our goal is the satisfaction of the customer: we guarantee the highest quality of our products so that they can maintain in time precision and durability, all with reasonable sales prices.


Our election material is steel, which we use for almost all of the production: K2D cementation Steel and MSK hardening.

Environmental Sustainability is also at the top of our objectives: from the disposal of machining residues according to the rules foreseen for the use of recyclable and reusable materials.


We export our products in: France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, England; Romania, Bulgaria, Texas, Dubai, Russia, Sweden and much more…

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