Ornella Cottini

Outspoken, determined and consistent

Alberto Rovizzi

Friendly, generous and talkative

Cinzia Cottini

Humble, strong and sensitive

Claudio Capretti

Smiling, creative and good

Nicola Cottini

Committed, helpful and friendly

Elkaouakibi Abdelali​​

Ambitious, outgoing and collaborative

Jabri Said

Reserved, dynamic and sensitive

Giuseppe Pelizzari

Meticulous, ambitious and loyal

Aldo Stizzioli

Reserved, shy and gentle

Massimo Richiedei

Combative, helpful and outgoing

Giuseppe Metelli

Reliable, reserved and precise

Michele Marca

Hard-working, performing and confident

Stefania Morandi

Radiant, cheerful and generous

Thomas Landi

Available, funny and willing

Claudio Metelli

Resourceful, knowledgeable and trustworthy

Jabri Salah

Quick, shy and available