Special products

Customized products
for mechanical turning

We make custom turning components to specific designs, through the study of the product related to the machine tool that will perform the operation.

Along with the production of standard components we also make specific tooling and clamping systems. We evaluate the restoration of our equipment that is now discontinued but still in use.

In the production chain, components are manually assembled and inspected by our professionals.

Feasibility analysis

We assess with you the feasibility of the project: from CAD drawing or by restoring a damaged part


We make the prototype according to your design, with the materials and finishes best suited for the intended use


Before delivery, the parts are manually assembled and inspected. We then ship the part. Worldwide!


We intervene quickly on parts that cause long downtimes in the supply chain, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of accessories


Customization of mechanical parts

Treatment of hardening, welding, braze welding and specific machining are carried out product by specialized professionals, which guarantees a very high final quality of work.

Specific finishes for metal lathe spindle

We perform specific high-finish machining on materials that require perfect machining with total absence of marks.

BA single cone collets

Collet made with bronze inserts, intended for machining operations that require perfect polishing and absence of marks in machining details.

Special collets out of stock

We make non-catalog spindle collets for machine tools from pre-existing or out of stock productions.. In addition to our catalog production, we make collets from smaller multi-spindle lathe manufacturers such as Acme-Gridley, Index, Pittler, Tornos and Tarex.

Special PE expandable gripper for hydraulic cylinders

BA cup gripper with special shape

Special expandable gripper for electric motors

Special gripper with drawing template

Gripper for cylinder/engine take-up

Sector drawing gripper

Gripper for electric motors/air cylinders

Gripper for electric motors/hydraulic cylinders

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