Bar holding collets

Collets for multi-chuck lathes are the “traction” type made through tie-rods inside the machine. The attachment thread may be internal or external. This allows very precise milling.

Gildemeister Bar Holding Collets
Bar holding collets Gildemeister
Bar holding collets Schutte
Bar holding collets Wickman
Bar holding collets Mori-Say

Bar Pusher Collets

In the bar-pusher, also called the advancement collet, the bar is inset from behind the bar-pusher through a very pronounced bushing that prevents the bar from “becoming implanted” and it is carried to the collet to be milled.

Bar Pusher Collets
Bar pusher collets Gildemeister
Bar pusher collets Schutte
Bar pusher collets Wickman
Bar pusher collets Mori-Say

Pickup Collet

The pickup collets take the parts for finishing after milling to the bar-pusher collets. There may be various types of attachments: string, bayonet, or with “teeth”.

Pickup Collet Gildemeister
Pickup Collet Schutte
Pickup Collet Wickman
Pickup Collet Mori-Say

Bar Guiding Bushings

The bushings are inserted in the bar carrying tube and the bar-pusher tube and prevent the bar from “derailing” during its passage toward the bar-pusher, especially the template collets with a rate to be respected.

Guiding Bushings
Bar Guiding Bushings Gildemeister
Bar Guiding Bushings Schutte
Bar Guiding Bushings Wickman

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In addition to the pincers described, we also produce other types on request: for example Acme-Gridley, Index, Pittler, Tornos etc.