These images represent some examples of applications of the MSCTN collet holding chuck and the MSCTNR collet holding chuck installed normally on CNC controlled lathes.

The great versatility of these chucks is immediately evident; in fact, using the same chuck as the “base” it is possible, by using suitable adapters, to work with various types of collets.

For example, for milling heavier bars, the BD type double cone collets are used; for reinforcements or lighter bars, a simple BA cone or BAS sector collet is used; for internal holding, through PE and PET expansion collets, of tubes, holes, electric motors, and delicate details (such as finishing rings in jewelry-making).

Mandrelsmay also be prepared for mounting other types of collets such as Schaublin, Crawford etc…

Exploded diagram with BA simple cone collet

esploso pinza ba

Exploded diagram with BD collet

esploso con pinza bd

Exploded diagram with BAS collet

esploso pinza bas

Exploded diagram with BE collet

esploso pinza be

Exploded diagram with reduction for BA collet

esploso riduzione pinza ba

Exploded diagram with expandable PE collet

esploso pinza pe

Exploded diagram with expandable PET collet

esploso pinza pet

Exploded diagram with expandable PET collet

esploso msctnr espulsore

Exploded diagram with counterpoint

esploso contropunta