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Lathe solutions
since 1946

A tradition in precision engineering for the production of industrial machine tools.

Bellegrandi’s history runs through two generations guided by a great spirit of enterprise, which have continuously innovated and consolidated the company with quality products. Experience has oriented us toward new technologies, refining our products for standard and custom metalworking. Know-how in the industry has taken us far: from Molinetto di Mazzano to different areas of the world.

70 years made in precision engineering

The Bellegrandi company has developed between innovation and tradition, evolving with construction technology and technological tools. The goal has always been to perfect our results. But people have been the real driving force behind this company. With resourcefulness and problem solving, we continually find ways to evolve together, creating solutions of quality and durability.

Innovation and Technologies

Technologies for the most accurate result

People and Know-how

The insight behind our problem solving

Sustainability and Lean

Reuse, recycle and optimize raw materials

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is in more than 30 countries

Over the years we have gradually reached new markets, which identify us as a reliable partner in the production of lathe chucks and machine tool accessories.

We are in France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, England, Romania, Bulgaria, Dubai, Russia, China, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Peru, Malaysia, Lebanon, and many more…